Luigi's Mansion, or simply The Mansion, is a hideout King Boo created out of thin air as a hideout for the ghosts as well as the ghastly Boos in his army. Intent in capture the Mario Bros., King Boo sends Luigi a letter, saying that he won a mansion in a contest. Luigi, suprised but excited nonetheless, calls his brother Mario to tell him the news. Mario offers to go there first to check out the place, while Luigi would arrive later to celebrate. When Luigi finally arrives, the lights are off, ghosts are everywhere, and Mario is nowhere to be seen. After being rescued by Professor E. Gadd, they deduce that Mario had been overwhelmed and captured by King Boo and his forces. Gadd gives Luigi the necessary tools to find Mario, and Luigi sets off into the Mansion.

Layout of the MansionEdit

The Mansion has five floors total, including the basement, where King Boo is confronted, and the roof, where Bowser is fought. Initially, only the foyer and a limited amount of the second floor are accessible, but as the game progresses, Luigi is able to gain entry into the other floors and rooms. The mansion sports a graveyard, a large balcony, a strange room that leads into space, and several other secret rooms where treasure can be found in addition to the other rooms that would be regularly found in a mansion. Each area consists of a number of rooms, most of which are initially locked. Each area is only accesible after a special key is obtained. Each key can be taken after a certain boss ghost is defeated, and the keys themselves are modeled after card suits (Heart, Club, Diamond, Spade).

Beating the GameEdit

After Luigi defeats King Boo, the Mansion disappears next morning. Using all the treasure Luigi found, Gadd buys Luigi a new house in place of the original Mansion.